Jun Wang
Research Scientist
School of Information Studies
Syracuse University


Research Interests

Machine learning, Crowdsourcing and human computation, Science education with arts

Recent Projects

Make science more accessible and engaging through art.

A suite of citizen science games.

Some Interactive Apps

Chinese Unscramble Puzzle (HTML5 mobile version).

A collaborative tool for exploring your colleagues (Only a demo for 40 SUNY/SU neuroscientists to explore and rediscover their colleagues.)

A human computation game designed to collect high-quality tags for images through asking players to describe a given image so that the image can be ranked high by a customized image search engine.

Another human computation game for discovering language usage patterns (esp. common mistakes) among non-native speakers.

STEMTOON: A multiplayer game of learning science concepts through playing telephone pictionary game.

A visualization tool that allows one to create a tag cloud that looks like a world map. (Though hosted by Google App Engine, this app may start really slow -- uh)

Language Evolution

I am the curator and developer of the Language Evolution and Computation Bibliography - a widely used portal in the language evolution community.

Selected Publications - My Google Scholar Citation Page

Prestopnik N, Crowston K, and Wang J (2017) Gamers, citizen scientists, and data: Exploring participant contributions in two games with a purpose. Computers in Human Behavior 68, 254-268
Yu B, Willis M, Sun P, and Wang J (2013) Crowdsourcing Participatory Evaluation of Medical Pictograms. Journal of Medical Internet Research; 15(6):e108.
Jun Wang and Bei Yu (2012) Collecting Representative Pictures for Words: A Human Computation Approach based on Draw Something Game. Proceedings of the 2012 AAAI Human Computation Workshop
Jun Wang and Bei Yu (2011) Labeling Images with Queries: A Recall-based Image Retrieval Game Approach. Proceedings of the SIGIR 2011 Workshop on Crowdsourcing for Information Retrieval (CIR'2011) :: Best paper award
Jun Wang, Bei Yu, and Les Gasser (2002) Concept Tree Based Clustering Visualization with Shaded Similarity Matrices. Proceedings of 2002 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM'02)
Jun Wang and Les Gasser (2002) Mutual Online Concept Learning for Multiple Agents. Proceedings of the First International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS'02)
Jun Wang and Jean-Daniel Zucker (2000) Solving Multiple-Instance Problem: A Lazy Learning Approach. Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML'00)   :: source code → WEKA, RapidMiner, MILL, or MIL-Ensemble.


Infection / Extinction: A game that I co-designed, is selected as a Featured Game of Global Game Jam 2011. [ PDF ]
Draw Something Words and Images: A helper tool for draw something players and drawing lovers.
Last update: August 2013